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For the company, corporate citizenship contains four aspects: firstly, enterprise should keep healthy and sustainable growth, constantly foster excellent enterprise, provide high-quality products and services for the society, fulfill the commitments to the related parties, and offer more and more employment opportunities; secondly, enterprise should be people-oriented, care about the development of employees, provide the career development opportunity for talents, and inherit the excellent corporate culture; thirdly, enterprise should try to contribute to the industry development and China’s economy, and win reputation for Made-in-China in international market; fourthly, enterprise should actively participate in public benefit activities.


In recent years, we have contributed more than 20 million Yuan in helping the needy people and poor students, responding to emergencies and building up a harmonious society. We plan public benefit activities at the strategic level to ensure stable and sustainable investment in charity, and advocate the active participation of the staff.

Donation to Students

Blue Sky Charity Base

100 Million Yuan Charitable Fund

Participation in Annual Charity Day Activity of Qingdao

Donation to Earthquake Disaster Area

Donation to Municipal Senior Citizens' Work Committee

Charitable Donation

Charitable Donation to Students

Corporate Leaders Discussed the Construction Aid Work on the Site

International Charity Activity (Singapore)

International Charity Activity (Lesotho)

International Rescue (Algeria)

International Charity Activity (Botswana)

International Charity Activity (Namibia)

International Charity Activity (Sudan)

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