Industry Operation
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Currently the Company mainly invests in real estate and its upstream & downstream industry chain, green building, new material, advanced manufacturing industry and international trade; the invested objects are the growth-type enterprises. The Company has set up strategic development department, investment business department, industry development department, financial business department and risk control department, and can provide professional support and resources for the invested enterprises in terms of funds, company management, restructuring and M&A, talent recruitment, strategic partner attraction, etc. 


Investment Philosophy


Based on years of management experience and corporate culture, the Company has established the investment philosophy of “conduct long-term value investment, create value-added service”. After finding the investment subject, the Company can insist on long-term investment, create and improve enterprise value, integrate corporate culture, provide value-added services for the enterprise in such aspects as “financing, investment, management and exit”, and become the close partner of the invested company. 


Core Competence


Along with the economic globalization and the rise of emerging markets, more and more Chinese companies desire to develop global market while more transnational companies desire to expand business to Chinese market. The Company has long been focusing on the resource integration capability in the international market, helping Chinese companies in overseas development and M&A, and introducing technology and management concept of the developed countries into such developing countries and regions as China, ASEAN and Africa.

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