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SDTV News and Qilu Net Reported the Overseas Development of Qingjian Group

On lunar Jan. 1 to Jan. 6, the series Shandong People in Africa was shown on SDTV News, which reported the overseas development of Qingjian International. Qilu Net synchronously reported the Sudan Damazin Hospital Project undertaken by Qingjian International, describing the contributions of Shandong enterprises to African construction and development.


To review the implementation of “Going global” strategy in Shandong, Life and Death Test of Shandong People in Africa during the Process of “Going global” told the dangerous scenes experienced by Qingjian Group during the Sudanese war.


As reported by the media, nowadays there are a number of Shandong enterprises like Qingjian Group in Africa, which demonstrate the diligence and dedication of Shandong people, and successfully implement the “Going global” process.

----------Published on 2014-02-05

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