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Qingjian Group Co., Ltd. wins China Charity Outstanding Contribution Award

  Qingjian Group Co., Ltd. wins China Charity Outstanding Contribution Award

  On December 16, the award ceremony of Qingdao Charity Federation “Great Love Qingdao Charity Award” was held in Qingdao Grand Theatre. Qingjian Group Co., Ltd. and Haier Group won the Second “China Charity Outstanding Contribution Award”, and Zhang Xusheng, the president of Qingdao Charity Federation, Qie Jinsheng, vice chairman of CPPCC Qingdao municipal committee, Zong He, the deputy president of the federation, and Wang Jichun, the vice director of the United Front Work Department of Qingdao Municipality, shook hands with the winners and had a group photo taken to mark the occasion. Wang Congyuan, the standing vice president of Guoqing Holding Group Co., Ltd. and director of Qingjian Group Co., Ltd., and Wang Yuqing, the president assistant of Guoqing Holding Group Co., Ltd., and vice president of Qingjian Group Co., Ltd. attended the award party.

  China Charity Outstanding Contribution Award, the highest prize in charity in China, is selected and granted once five years to commend the individuals, enterprises and programs that have made outstanding contribution to public charity. In 2009, four enterprises in Qingdao ——Haier, Tsingtao Beer, Hisense and Qingdao Iron and Steel Holding Group Co., Ltd. ——won this prize. Qingjian is the fifth winner of the city.

  Over the past years, Qingjian has actively taken social responsibilities for consumers, staff members, community and environment while pursuing rapid development. Based on the group’s strategy of “being localized, international and integrated”, the staff of Qingjian carries out so extensive charity activities at home and abroad that charity activities can be found everywhere the group implements projects.

  In 2011, Qingjian set up a RMB100-million-charity fund together with Qingdao Municipal Charity Federation, and has contributed nearly RMB 20 million by now to carry out public welfare activities, such as earthquake relief work, assisting poor students and people and caring for the elderly, children and adolescents. In 2014, the group contributed more than RMB 400,000 to the earthquake-stricken area in Ludian, and carried out the children welfare activity themed “Joyously See in the National Day at Qingdao Expo Garden” and donated RMB 3 million to China Ageing Development Foundation.

  With gratitude, love and dreams, Qingjian’s charity undertakings will surely boom.

----------Published on 2014-12-16

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