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Recruitment Notice on Budgeters of Angola Branch



For the business development needs of Angola Branch, we hereby recruit two budgeters. 


I. Qualifications of Candidates 


1. Accept our corporate culture, have team spirit, focus on corporate development;
2. Be honest and dedicated to work, have the sense of innovation;
3. Have a good work ethic and professional dedication, work carefully and responsibly;
4. Have no relationship with any member of employer.


II. Post and Required Qualifications


Number of Recruited Persons
Required Qualifications

Angola Branch of Qingjian International


1. Be engaged in project cost, construction engineering or the related fields, bachelor’s degree and above, less than 35 years of age;
2. Have more than 2 years of working experience in budgeting or project cost, be familiar with budget and settlement management of projects. The person with the cost engineer qualifications is preferred;
3. Be familiar with our corporate culture, work carefully and rigidly. The person with knowledge of English is preferred;
4. The person with driver’s license is preferred.
For excellent candidates, the required qualifications may be appropriately lowered.


III. Enrollment Method 


Please download the attached Candidate Enrollment Form, complete it as required and submit its electronic and print versions to the contact no later than February 28, 2014. The required documents to be submitted also include diploma, academic degree certificate, foreign language certificate, vocational qualification certificates and award certificates (including their originals and copies).                  
Contact: An Qi       Tel: (86) -532-88257170

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