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The Group sets up Qingdao City Architect Co., Ltd., Guoqing Architectural Planning & Design Institute and Qingjian Group Architectural Planning & Design Institute, which all possess Grade-A design qualifications.

The specialties cover urban planning, landscaping, architecture, structure, plumbing, HVAC, electric power, telecommunications, roads, bridges, etc. The Group has national Class-1 registered architects, registered structural engineers, registered equipment engineers and registered cost engineers, totally more than 100 people.

In Singapore, Algeria and Angola, the Group designed Natura Loft project, Algeria Oran PANORAMA Building and Algeria Oran 10000 residential project, as well as Angola Water Works phase II project in the mode of EPC. Of them, Natura Loft project won the “Green Mark” award as the highest award in the green buildings of Singapore. In addition, the Group has participated in the design of such projects as Tianjin Goldin Finance 117 (596m), Guangzhou West Tower (500m), new CCTV site (226m), Huangdao World Trade Center (199m).

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