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The main fields are steel trades, machinery leasing and new materials, founded in 2011 and these three main businesses stood in the top position of Shandong average level.

The company possess the first grade agent qualification of major steel manufacturers as well as co-operate with famous cable and galvanized pipes enterprises to ensure the good quality and low price of products.

The company possess second qualification of pre-blend commercial concrete and the most advanced commercial concrete production equipments and management system in this field in Qingdao. The annual production capability is 2 million cubic meters. High-performance concrete produced by the company has won a bid of Qingdao excellence mansion (super high-rise) and the staunching & anti-crack concrete developed by the company has been in the leading positon in China and they have been applied in many projects.

The scale of construction machinery leasing has been in leading top positon in Qingdao for many years, it possess second qualification of lifting equipment installment, various equipments, 70 equipment service personnels who can provide all days’service. And the company also keep cooperation ship with China Construction Co., Ltd., China Railway Construction Co., Ltd. and China Railway Engineering Corporation. It became the construction machiney supplier for Jiaozhou bay cross-sea bridge, Qingrong intercity railway and Qingdao Olympic sailing center.

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