Industry Operation
Qingjian IT Industrial Park

Qingjian IT Industrial Park is the key project of Qingdao Development Zone Government in 2014, which focuses on the supply chain integration service, realizes modernization of logistics facilities, diversification of logistics function, standardization of logistics service and networking of logistics information, and integrates international machinery market, intelligent IOT purchase and distribution platform, financial leasing platform and E-commerce platform as a whole.

The Park currently comprises four business areas, namely Qingjian International Machinery Market, Intelligent IOT Purchase and Distribution Platform, Financial Leasing Platform and E-commerce Platform. Currently the investment promotion work is being implemented.

II. Business Types

1. Qingjian International Machinery Market:
Qingjian International Machinery Market is a new professional trade service organization in machinery industry, which provides professional service in trade, logistics, E-commerce and finance for Chinese and global machinery buyers and sellers. It is managed and operated by Qingdao Qingjian International Machinery Market Operation Co., Ltd. In Phase I project, the Market will provide exhibition and transaction services in terms of three industries, namely engineering machinery, machine tools and plastics machinery.

The Market will plan and build China’s first machinery “Procurement & Exhibition Center”, which can accommodate the products of 150 machinery manufacturers. It is 6 km away from Qingdao port (the seventh largest port in the world, China’s second largest trade port), 3.5 km away from expressway exit and 7 km away from Qingdao bonded port area.

2. Intelligent IOT Purchase and Distribution Platform

It adopts intelligent IOT express delivery system jointly developed and utilized by Qingjian Logistics Group and Beijing Angel Community Service Co., Ltd., and realizes convenient and safe express delivery service through IOT. The Platform mainly focuses on communities, schools and other places, provides users with daily online purchase and distribution services.

3. Financial Leasing Platform

It is mainly operated by Qingjian Leasing Co., Ltd., provides financial leasing service for various clients, and will fully utilize logistics and trade resources within the Park to conduct relevant business.

4. E-commerce Platform

E-commerce Platform mainly provides E-commerce services in terms of bulk commodity and building materials, such as iron and steel, iron ore. Based on the cooperation relationship between Qingjian Logistics Group and domestic famous E-commerce enterprises such as Lange Net and Xiben New Line, the Platform integrates the resource demands of “Qingdao Real Estate Alliance”, and provides E-commerce services in terms of building materials and mechanical equipment for major clients.

E-commerce Platform designs intelligent logistics management module, conducts full-process intelligent monitoring for the goods transacted online, and provides reliable basis for online transaction, online financing, etc.

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